VNet Professionals Inc. San Diego

Video Testimonials

We earned the trust of Mr. Alan Townsend, owner of Rancho Mesa Properties. He considers VNet Professionals a great asset to his company. He states how we have been quick and efficient in supporting all his office computer and server support needs.  Our Managed Services Solution is very cost effective as our costs are better than the previous service provider.


We exceeded King of the Painters expectations with our Computer Support Service. Since November of 2010 we have been the computer support department (IT firm) assisting King of the Painters corporate and field staff. It shows our commitment to our clients that we are still their preferred choice a year and a half later. Our support extends from desktop applications to remote access to their office computers and syncing smart phones with email, contacts and calendars, but most importantly our attitude to be of service.


Designer Gallery, Inc., owner Mr. Mark Griffith speaks out on how happy he is, with our IT support over the past year. He and his wife purchased Designer Gallery, and utilizing our Managed Services will save him real money on his computer network maintenance. By subscribing to our Flat Fee Support Plan you can budget your IT expense, lower your total cost of ownership and have a team of experts proactively identifying, troubleshooting and correcting your computer problems before you start your business day.


Scott Gash, Owner of Envision Design San Diego just moved in to a new facility to open a new kitchen and bath showroom. VNet Professionals, once again provides outstanding service to a NEW BUSINESS and gets it ready for success.  Another company estimated that setting up computer equipment would take three days, we got it done in one day.  Mr. Gash is very happy for choosing us and this is what he had to say about us.


Ms. Horan expresses her gratitude for our dedication to solving a tough VoIP issue at a call center. “My name is Barbara Horan and I work for Keller Williams realty the nation’s 3rd largest real estate company. And recently I had a really big problem with our phone system in a very busy 200 plus agent office. So I contacted VNet Professionals and they were so great to come out almost every single day to fix our problem. And their customer service was the best I’ve ever seen.”


Mr. Black discusses the good will that VNet Professionals Inc. has toward improving his business. “VNet Professionals helped us with our network system, everything from designing our server to all of our desktops, implementing and getting everything up and running. And we’ve had no issues! Which is awesome! These guys are here taking care of all of our needs and we can’t be, more than grateful for what they have done for us. Real great company to deal with.”


Mr. Ibarra talks about the great service recieved by VNet Professionals Inc. “I have known Antonio personally for over 15 years and professionally he has been providing our firm with IT services and equipment for the last 7 years. He and his staff, are very responsive to our needs and any kind of emergency that we have no matter what they put us back into action!”


Ms. Ramirez is interviewed on the effectiveness of VNet Professionals Staff in keeping her network performing properly. “We’ve known VNet Professionals for about 5 years now. Antonio de la Cerda and his staff have been very professional in dealing with our computers and our networking needs. There was a time that our server went down and VNet Professionals was able to get us working again within a reasonable time. I recommend VNet Professionals for your computer and networking needs and feel free to call them.”


Mr Clinton is dedicated to making his business grow and leaves IT to us.  “Hi my name is Dave Clinton, I am the owner and CEO of Darton Sleeves in southern California.  We make speed equipment car for race cars and for over twenty years we have used the services of Antonio de la Cerda as our IT outside consultant.  He is responsible for all of our servers, our workstations, and all the software and the integration that we use in our business world. We are highly dependent on Antonio and have enjoyed his services over the years and would highly recommend him to any firm that wishes to use an IT consultant.”


Ms. Diane York praises VNet Professionals’ founder Antonio de la Cerda for successfully recovering patient records and other sensitive data from failed server hardware and how we became the Information Technology provider (IT Support Firm) of choice for this prestigious La Jolla business.  There is no substitute for expertise, as Antonio has over 15 years experience.


NG Trucking, a San Diego based company, is very happy with the Allworx VoIP Solution we installed. After being awarded new contracts, the demands for better customer service increased. It was a natural fit to satisfy their expanding business needs with a solution that will surely grow with their business and provide a solid long term investment. The Allworx 6x was the perfect fit (as it is a very cost effective phone system), and by adding a few Advance Features, such as Call Queuing and Mobile Link, NG Trucking is now ready to provide service 24 hours a day.