VNet Professionals Inc.

Mission and Values

By helping our clients eliminate the guesswork, we give them peace of mind so they can stay focused on innovation and continual success.

Our mission is simple:
To extend our position as the most trusted and experienced solution integrator within San Diego Area in the realm of the operating systems we support: Windows Family Suite (Windows Server, Small Business Server, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.) and continue providing a complete range of rock solid solutions, designed for small and enterprise businesses alike clients that engage us, immediately see the importance of a powerful Internet Management System, tailored-to-fit support packages and services backed by seasoned Engineers.

The bottom line: We make mission-critical deployments possible.

Thinking outside the box requires businesses to see how puzzle pieces can fit together in innovative ways. This kind of innovation energizes the companies we work with. For us, it’s full steam ahead! And with the help of our partners (including AdTran, Allworx, Cisco, D-Link, Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft, Panda Security the list goes on), we bring the vast benefits of Microsoft, business line applications into your business environment where
cost-effective performance is absolutely critical.

Businesses today simply can’t afford products that don’t come with the full assurance of reliability, performance, and a 24x7 support infrastructure they can trust. They require comprehensive technology integration at a personal level.

Microsoft, based solutions provide software that is designed to not lock-in customers, but to continuously serve them as their organization grows. Our solutions consistently deliver extraordinary value, flexibility, and ease of integration and management.  In doing so, we ensure all these puzzle pieces fit.

We also understand that some of our clients have proprietary operating platforms. Our vision is not to change what clients already have, but to help them integrate a solution that best fits their needs today.

We deploy, develop, integrate, update, manage, train and support the full line of named brand products. When companies look to integrate, they look to us. Why? Because we bring a balance to their environment. Managers today know the challenges that come with introducing and maintaining new software and hardware platforms, without risking downtime or data integrity.