VNet Professionals Inc.

Commitment to the Environment

As a good steward of the environment, VNet Professionals Inc. actively promotes eco-friendly products and solutions that are energy efficiency and eco friendly. Our commitment is not only limited to state regulations and policies but is part of a “green” philosophy extended into our local community, staff, corporate culture and to our clients anywhere they may be located.

Environmental Accomplishments
Among our many accomplishments, VNet Professionals Inc. has deployed equipment for solutions which reduce the amount of air emissions and hazardous waste produced. We also have a safety and health program which includes hazardous communication and environmental awareness training for all of our employees.

Additional achievements include:

Green Energy
Across our company, we have implemented practices that better utilize and conserve energy. For example, we phased out “non-green” fluorescent light bulbs and are now using energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. We have also reduced energy consumption by turning off non essential equipment when not in use and after working hours.

Recommendation and installation of energy-saving equipment.

Landfill Waste Reduction
A company-wide recycling program has been established for corrugated cardboard, wood pallets, and batteries.

VNet Professionals Inc.uses recycled packaging materials whenever possible; and all packaging materials can now be recycled.

Email and Communicatons
We try to send most of our communications via email to reduce paper consumption, including all our Invoices, marketing material and other informative and informational requests.